Saturday, August 23, 2008

The beginning.

This is my entry into the world of blogging. As I began to entertain the idea of becoming a so-called blogger, I asked myself, "What would I write about? What would the point of this be? Should I give up one of my man cards for starting this diary?" (That one's for you oats...)

Anyway, so in this pool of uncertainty I've decided to just dive head first into what could be the stupidest blog about the stupidest shit EVER.

In an attempt to introduce and express myself to the rest of the world, I will document my journey through everyday life. This blog will include what I see and observe in my surroundings--things that inspire me, things that I hate/piss me off, and a few other nuggets. It may include events I hear about or attend, new kicks (obv), interesting objects, etc... 

I hope you enjoy. Welcome to the world as I view it. This is the beginning.