Thursday, August 20, 2009

Art & Copy

I wanna watch this!!!...via hypebeast.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently tried to kill some time at the J.Crew on Fifth Ave. Got myself out of there before buying anything. But then a few days later bought a couple items at the J.Crew mens shop in SoHo (which, btw, is the best shopping area in the city...altho the LES holds it down too-especially for sneaks). Anyway, I hate J.Crew for always having a bajillion things for me to want. They never disappoint. Lastly, I really want their Timex military watch, and some shoes...obv among other things.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Museum Days.

Since the art scene is really happening in New York City, I've been going to a number of museums as of late. Here's a quick run-down of where I've been and some thoughts... Enjoy!

-definitely a must just because it's the MoMa
-lets you take pictures inside the galleries
-huge collection and lots of different styles
-Waste Not...go check it out. lots of different takes on it, but it definitely puts things in perspective sustainability wise.
-liked their design section with more contemporary stuff...Stefan Sagmeister's poster where he has his intern write stuff on his body with an exacto knife..ouch.

Cooper Hewitt.
-super small. i question whether the 10 bucks i paid was worth it.
-sustainability exhibit was interesting. Basically famous artists (Maya Lin, Isaac Misrahi, etc...) made things from natural materials found in different parts of the world. After going and discussing it with some Parsons peeps, we all kind of question what the intentions are since the products they made were...not really too sustainable. Like..What is one to do with a salmon skin dress? Did any of these objects actually help make the world "greener"? Did they help the local people in any way? ...hmm... suspect.

PS1. MoMa.
-Long Island City... definitely dig the area.
-pool "thing"... awesome.
-good contemporary pieces. really really good set-up. the space itself is sick.
-it's like a party on weekends. DJ n drinks included.
-definitely recommend going.

New Museuem for Contemporary Art.
-tall building on Bowery...has an observation deck only open on weekends. Very nice.
-Good exhibits currently on view. One about life in S. Africa, and one about the Black Panther Party.
-"BPP has never been a racist group. You don't fight racism with racism. You fight racism with solidarity." -Guy in video about BPP. Very true. Applicable to pretty much any civil rights issue. (Shout out--Long, you would've liked it. Go. It's right by Chinatown. =] )

-saw the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit...From Within Outward.
-umm.. kinda pricey. it's famous so...
-nothing too exciting. I wasn't too enthused.
-a few nuggets here and there...but I wish they had more models... After awhile, all the blueprints just started to look the same.. but maybe cz I'm not an architect.

-very cool exhibits up right now by Claes Oldenburg. Basically, it's musical intruments, food, furniture, and other objects that were made by different soft materials so they're almost like giant toys.
-watch the PlayPause video in the first floor gallery. Cracked me up.
-liked the place. had a good amount of contemporary art pieces so that kept me happy.

now go get your art on.