Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Traveling Pants!

So we're closing in on a month of school. But what happened this summer?!?

As a Northeastern student, my schedule typically only allows for a couple weeks of summer vacation every year. This year was more exciting/exhausting than years past, as I was able to hit 3 cities (Sorry Columbus, you didn't count) in less than a week. After going home to see la familia, I had the luxury of moving to a new apartment one day after getting back to Boston, and then leaving for Miami 3 days later with a flight at 7am to top it off. But in the madness of it all, traveling always provides for some of the best experiences and most interesting of sights.

So let me begin with Cincinnati, OH... Being home is always a treat since I get to see my parents and my sister. Spending time with them after 8 long months was refreshing. Seeing some high school buds was also a plus.

Here are some fun pics (special thanks to my iWaste for these lovely pictures):
Claw game prizes at abandoned mall.

cincinnati museum ctr.

Ceiling at Cincinnati Museum Ctr.

Yummy breakfast!


Bengals city.


fuzzy picture of me n the sis

A week and a half was definitely long enough for me in Cincinnati. Spent a lot of time with la familia, visited my sister in Columbus, almost convinced my parents to get me a car, hung out pool side at my parent's new apartment complex, ate good food (First Watch really needs to expand to Boston so I can eat there for breakfast at least once a month), rummaged through our storage, visited a couple of malls and that was home. Always relaxing, but also always reminds me of how much I love Boston and that I can't ever live in Cincinnati again. Sorry. It's just not for me.

And then I got tired of the weather and left for Boston.... No pics here, since I was in a complete state of disarray while moving for two days. 

Then I was off again for MIA!!! It was a fun time and if you ask anyone who went, it was packed with crazy situations. Hotel accommodations were insane, drinks were good (and expensive), and the weather was absolutely spectacular. Our timing was perfect since we caught the very end of one hurricane and left right as the next one came. Lucky us! Oh and I got a new backpack. Everything was great, except the MIA airport really blows. That is all.

Fun Pics from miami!
storm. (aka lexi)


view from hotel suite.

me on the way back to boston... notice that the party shirt is still on.

Sadly, the summer is over. 'Til next year my friend.